Polygraph Seminars and Workshops

The four most popular one-day
polygraph seminars/workshops!

#1. Complete Polygraph Fundamentals Refresher

#2. Upgrading from an analog instrument to a computerized instrument

#3. Step-by-Step How-To workshops for any particular
manufacturer and model of computerized instrument

#4. Starting/Improving your polygraph business

Independent Polygraph Examiners
are available nationwide
to provide workshops, seminars,
and 'boot camps'
on all lie-detection basics
and specialties.

Name a city, we will ask a PEOA
member from that area to contact you.

Most popular are the one-day
Basics and Fundamentals
in the Los Angeles area

For groups, pairs, and one-on-one.

We know which are the best instrument
models to buy-- and which to avoid.

Also: tutoring and 'refreshers';
upgrade from analog to computerized in one day!

For private-party, business, and law enforcement.

One hour, one day, weekend,
multi-day, one week, and multi-week.

We are not a 'school'; you are learning this
avocational specialty directly from Polygraph
Examiners who have earned a living in
the private practice of this profession.

No in-person training is included with the
50-pound Comprehensive package; with that,
you are obtaining an exhaustive set of
self-study manuals and have no
interaction with instructors.

That is NOT the best choice
for most examiners.

For some persons, a traditional
polygraph school is a better
choice. For those, we can
tell you which is good
and which to avoid!

  Polygraph Academy Dot Com
818 883-6969

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